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Harnessing the Power of 10 means that you give a minimum of $10 and ask 10 friends/family members to do the same. Your generosity will support ExtraordinaryFamilies’ foster youth development and employment programs.

Despite a desire to work, older and former foster youth are often unable to find jobs or have not been taught the skills they need to keep a job. Without early employment experiences youth are more likely to become homeless, suffer from mental health problems, and become enmeshed with the criminal justice system.

To address this crisis, ExtraordinaryFamilies developed Youth in Transition Program and Unlimited Possibilities for Youth (UP4Youth).

Youth in Transition teaches current and former foster youth age 14-24 basic life skills, helps connect them to the resources they need, and provides guidance in creating short- and long-term goals that lead to self-determination and self-sufficiency. A team of committed volunteers who offer mentoring, encouragement, leadership, expertise, and wisdom to the young adults along their journey to independence enhances our work. Youth also have the opportunity to “earn and learn” during a paid internship.

Up4Youth supports foster youth in taking the next step toward economic independence. After completing the Youth in Transition program, those that are ready to obtain permanent employment are connected to community-based employment services and provided with individual assistance to help them stay on track and meet their employment goals.

Our services are youth-driven, providing a level of personal autonomy many foster youth are not able to experience until they are adults. The ultimate goal is to help youth build the personal life skills for a successful transition to adulthood and a lifelong network of peers and mentors.

Please visit our website and click the DONATE button to Harness the Power of 10 by giving at least $10 – then inviting 10 others to do the same, and help us reach our $100,000 goal!

Give $10 – Ask 10. All donations will go directly to support our Youth in Transition and UP4Youth programs.

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