Transition Navigator’s Training sparked a very fluid conversation among participants, where they shared tips that had worked form them and cross-educated other participants in the room.

Foster Youth Housing Provider

All the information provided [in Transition Navigator’s Training] helped bring a better understanding of a complex system.

Foster Youth Employer

Thanks to Bridge to Work, I’m looking forward to my first paycheck and getting independence!

Foster Youth, 17 yrs old

[I learned that] budgeting, planning, and saving are crucial. At the same time there’s room for flexibility.

Foster Youth, 18 yrs old

[It was important] learning how to save your money and making sure you have everything you need and what it takes to stay out of debt.

Foster Youth, 16 yrs old

[I learned] how to budget so I can take care of my family.

Foster Youth, 20 yrs old

This sponsored event… will give these youth the right beginning: to learn what working means, to experience paid job experience and then to be connected to a more permanent job in the community. For most of the youth in attendance, it was an important first step, and for the sponsors, it was equally important to see our young people in action and listening to their life dreams… so we can assist in every way possible to help them achieve their career goals.

County Social Worker

The event surpassed all of our expectations. Big thanks to DCFS, Probation, and ExtraordinaryFamilies for all of their hard work to make this happen. This type of collaborative event is now the norm of how we are going to be able to achieve our goals on behalf of the foster youth seeking employment.

South Bay WIB Partner

There are so many levels and layers of people within the programs represented here.

Opportunity Youth Collaborative Partner

I loved being in a roomful of adults working together on behalf of foster youth. As a former foster youth, it was nice to be in the room and be heard by the attendees. I’m hoping to participate again in upcoming conferences.

Former Foster Youth, 19 yrs old