Welcome to Extraordinary Families!                            

We are a leading nonprofit foster family, adoption, and advocacy agency dedicated to improving the daily lives and long-term outcomes of children and youth in foster care. We recruit, train, and support high quality foster and adoptive (resource) parents for children removed from their families due to abuse or neglect. We welcome a diverse population of individuals and families to serve as resource parents regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, marital or domestic partner status, political affiliation, or ancestry. Resource families are viewed as members of a team providing individualized care so each child can reach his/her fullest potential.

In addition to foster care and adoption, we offer programs that support transition-age foster youth in obtaining meaningful work experience, connecting with mentors, and becoming self-sufficient adults. Drawing from our experience providing effective foster care, adoption, and youth services, we identify and pursue opportunities to improve the lives of those involved in the child welfare system through our strategic initiatives in policy and practice reform.

Our History

Since 1994, Extraordinary Families has been a leader in foster care, adoption, and child welfare policy reform. We are the result of a merger between two robust organizations: Southern California Foster Family and Adoption Agency and Child Welfare Initiative. Both were well-established, innovative nonprofits in Southern California that shared the vision of improving the daily lives and long-term outcomes of children impacted by the child welfare system. As Extraordinary Families, we are uniquely positioned and well qualified to provide groundbreaking direct foster care, adoption, and transition services to youth and families, as well as implement transformative programs and policies that produce measurable improvements in the lives of children and families in the system.