ExtraordinaryFamilies is a both a direct provider of services to foster children and a children’s policy organization.

icon-family-80As a licensed foster care and adoption agency, we recruit, train, and support high-quality foster and adoptive homes for children removed from their families for abuse and neglect. Los Angeles County is experiencing one of the most severe shortages of foster homes for abused and neglected children in the country.  Our mission is find homes and provide support for those foster children.

icon-scales-80We implement policy and practice reforms in the child welfare system throughout Los Angeles County.  Reforms include countywide work to change daily policies and practices that have undercut our community’s ability to find and support the homes that our foster children deserve and desperately require.

We always found the agency staff to be incredibly professional, and always supportive of our family (with 2 mothers). The agency provided links to other foster and fost/adopt families that we leaned on …
ExtraordinaryFamilies' Foster Parent
Children we support through our Certified Foster Families
Number of adoptions we finalized in 2015
Youth we connected to employment opportunities in 2015
% Positive Approval Rating (2015 DCFS quality audit)


We need your help to continue our work to find every foster child a home and to improve foster care. There are many ways to help... with money, time and other resources.